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Recharge Healing

Recharge Your Red Blood Cells

Your red blood cells safeguard your cellular health by delivering the positive elements your body requires to stay healthy. They help rid the body of the toxicity that would otherwise build up in your system and cause disorder. They are the good news story that powers your metabolism and never stops working on your behalf. We provide you with an energizing way to keep the good times flowing.

Purpose of Red Blood Cells

Your red blood cells serve three primary purposes:

Oxygenating your tissues, muscles and other structures of the body;
• Collecting, carrying and disposing of waste produced by cellular activity; and
• Supplying your body's 70 trillion cells with nutrients they require to perform their specified functions. 

To maintain the health of all the other cells in your body, it is crucially important to keep your red blood cells in peak form. They become susceptible to clumping when they are not in optimal condition. This can impair their ability to flow freely through the capillaries – the tiny blood vessels where oxygen, nutrient and waste interchanges take place. 

Cells Work Best When Optimally Charged

In order to carry out their tasks effectively, your cells need to be properly energized. When your cells are sick, they lose energy. People who feel ill have cell voltage levels that have dipped hazardously low. 

Recharge Your Cells Through PEMF Therapy

Just like a car, the human body needs fuel, oil, oxygen and ignition, a spark-plug. Within the human body, that spark is pulsed magnetic fields. All metabolic processes are driven by this cellular charge.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy builds up energy within your cells; it oxygenates and alkalizes the cells. PEMF improves circulation so the conversion of nutrients and oxygen inside the body can occur at optimum levels. PEMF increases the efficiency with which your body processes and expels waste matter and keeps your system running smoothly.

Experience the Comfort of Home Healing

We Come to You for Your Sessions

When dealing with chronic pain, disease, injury or discomfort, the last thing in the world you want to do is drive somewhere. That's why RechargeHealing provides our Balanced Life Therapy program in the comfort of your home. We are the only providers using a purely home-based service model. We want you to feel relaxed so that healing can happen as quickly as possible.

Our model takes away all the headaches associated with having to go to a clinic. We eliminate the stress of wasted travel time, finding parking, etc. to bring your healing sessions to your front door. 

See What Makes Us Different

We Use Only the Very Best Available Equipment

The research upon which our therapies are based, conducted by NASA and others, are foundational to the way we conduct our home-based sessions. We use the most credible mobile therapeutic devices on the market to deliver incredible results for our clients.

Just dare to compare!

  • Ask our competitors about their high energy coils (they don't have any)
  • Ask our competitors about their therapy pad for your torso only (they don't have one)
  • Ask our competitors about controlling treatment with a PC (they can't do it)

3D Advanced PC System with 500 Gauss Full Mattress

  • Full body penetration
  • Superior speed of induction
  • Square gated sine wave carrier frequency
  • Synchronized zero crossing pulses
  • Low & high intensity
  • Feel the pulses with a simple magnet
  • Frequencies > 25 Hz
  • Automatic frequency changing => no body adaptation
  • Absolutely superior for pain therapy
  • Lightweight aluminum handheld probe available
  • Ease of use – no training required
  • FDA & Health Canada Registered

What truly differentiates
RechargeHealing is our


Recharge Healing  Experience the Comfort of Home Healing